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With just a bit of work, you can make just about any Jedi look you want. The only thing missing is the full robe that Master Plo Koon is wearing.
Short sleeves, tight sleeves, hoods up, tucked in shirts, skin-tight pants... Right! Imagination. Yeah. Designer's imagination...

Doable solution with some existing armor examples:

A DREAM would be a vest similar to Relnex's one, the sand-colored bit. No overcoat. Just sand-colored vest but with long sleeves like on Ragnos' set. Then the pants: not skin tight but more like those from Sion's set which look fairly loose and really nice. The pants should also have extra bit of clothing to appear under the waist, a "skirt" (look at Handmaiden's pants) which would pose to be the lower part of the vest, which then wouldn't look like it's tucked into pants. Alternatively the bit below the waist can be part of the vest (like in the Aspiring Knight's vest). Then the tabard. Like on master Orgus' set, a cloth or leather (colorable pls!) tabard which would look more or less like Anakin's from episode 2/3. Obi-Wan also had one but it was made of cloth and practically indistinguishable as a separate clothing article.

And then an alternative chest piece which would simply be brown Ragnos' robe with a hood attachment, no extras. Plain. Just textures inside to resemble a mentioned above vest and a tabard would be only on the front and only front bit would hang beneath the waist (Battle Expulsor's robe). I won't mind the tabard to be "glued" instead of being a free-flowing addition. just wouldn't like it too glitch as hard as Jolee's one. Oh, and a plain pair of boots ending a bit below the knee.

It's doable! I just mixed together good lot of Jedi sets. Their features just need to be put together and Bioware can do it! :/

Look at this guy's armor. Just get rid of the extra metal additions, add long sleeves, replace the cloth (there is a cloth hanging from the chains) with tabard and there we go! This guy even has the "skirt" bit below the waist but as part of the chest piece.
Bioware, please let us know if we're ever going to see iconic Jedi robes in the game... Or why not? - Accept my referral to express gratitude for my years-long fight for iconic Jedi attire in this "Star Wars" game. You'll get some goodies on top of it, too.