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could have option to skip, then...
Mash. Spacebar.

That said, my real gripe with the lack of dialogue is the hindered increase to Social points.

On Tatooine, the social vendor calls for Social III. Having grouped only for group content, I don't even have Social II yet. I understand that dialogue is not the only way to have story, but adding some pre-boss dialogue choices would help some with the social points. Even if the choices don't do anything... I mean, even the wimpy guard at the start of BT has two dialogue choices.

I wouldn't care at all about the lack of dialogue in these if it didn't make me feel like I had to either group for random quest accepting/turn in or grind BT to get the various social vendor outfits.

I suggest adding a social point bonus to the flashpoint clear rewards, based on party size (And larger for later flashpoints). Possibly contingent on how much dialogue is there otherwise. I don't see why Hammer Station is maybe 20 social points at best (If you group for the Malgus conversations before/after), while Black Talon gives well over a hundred.