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Well, my main is a lvl 55 Shadow tank and at the beginning I really sucked at keeping aggro
but learning by doing and I always said that I was new to the role so we cleared the FP mostly with no problems, except the normal under geared shadow problem which is getting just too much damage.

But it was one time I ran a Cademimu HM FP with a really over geared healer.
So, well I was new and i tried my best but at the big mob at the beginning we wiped cause i got too much damage and died. Well at that point the heal started to talk crap.
As we wiped at the bonus boss an he just insulted me I just quit and put him on ignore.

Another strange event took place when i wanted to run asation with my guild with 2 randoms
we needed 2 random DD's and got 2 jedi sage HEALERS, well, we were lucky to get them but there was no chance to clear the OP especially because both wouldn't come into our TS and lied about knowing that OP.

But the biggest problem of them all ist waiting 2 hours for a FP run with my lvl 48 Gunslinger -.-
Bonus boss in cademimu is really annoying, especially for tank, especially for a not overgeared one. I usually just get comms, and leave it there.