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11.21.2013 , 03:43 PM | #18
In my unfortunate experience over 20 games now, it seems that in the matchmaking or less ignores individual player ELO. Instead it randomly throws 2 sets of 4 people together without balancing these teams. For example, I've had one match where the top player on the server plus a few other high ranking players played against 2 average ranked players 1.3 or 1.4k ratings and 2 unranked players ( my team). You can guess the outcome.

Other matches are similar where a team with players with a very high average ELO gets thrown against another team that has a Low average ELO. It seems that the matchmaker just puts dps against dps (or hybrids tank/healers but that's another totally separate problem) and other roles against other roles and totally ignores the players ELO rating. 90% of my games were same faction games and they were played one after the other so the silly matchmaker had ample time to attempt to balance the teams but it does not.

Not only is that a problem, the amount of rating you win is more or less the same even though the teams are vastly vastly different in ELO rating. Win a match against roughly equal rating/skilled players get +10. Win a match against far superior skilled/ELO players due to luck, get a +13. However if you lose a match and literally get roflstomped by a far far superior team, lose -18 Rating. Theres almost no incentive now to bother with ranked Solos if you are a average player except for the ranked comms. Even then there is no fun in it, yes you might spend 5-8 minutes of being squished, to get 30-60 RWZ for losing but not worth it if you just want to play for fun.