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11.21.2013 , 01:57 PM | #16
I just stopped playing and went to the forums to post a thread exactly like this. Playing against some 1.7k rated players as a 1.5k rated player, with 1k rated players on your team at primetime. It's just so frustrating. When I am playing my Scoundrel healer, I am usually able to carry one of my own teammates. But carrying 2 or 3 others is just so *********** hard. It would be totally okay with me, if the other team had a 1.5k rated healer and the rest were just baddies, like on my team. I got a mando on my team, that hasn't even been listed on the leaderboards vs Kelduin (Nr.1 Merc World). What is this? There probably wont be any changes anyway. Maybe I will level a Marauder on double XP weekends so I finally have the "flavor of the game" class, but thats a whole other story....
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