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As anyone who has qued many solo arenas knows, far too often teams come out grossly mismatched. Sometimes this happens by means of composition - such as when a team of 4 ranged is put against a team of 4 melee when they could simply be split up. However, what may be far more problematic is when game after game after game you get a weaker team, while your opponent is clearly stronger.

Here is one example of such a game:

If we consider the ratings at the time of this game, we find this:

Count-Crochula - 2045
Somnax - 1874
Rayste - 1376
Kruth - 1282

Gaurex - 1283
Blackness - 1222
Acliptic - 1223
Nazra - 1475

Even on the surface looking at this you can see that one team is stacked and the other is significantly weaker. If we average them out, we see that one team has an average rating of 1300.75, whereas the other is averaging 1644.25.

Now if this were late at night and Imperial versus Republic and these were the only two teams available, then this would be a necessary evil. However, this was an Imperial versus Imperial match. Swapping either the two healers or Somnax with any DPS would have evened things out.

Moreover, this happens all the time; this is only one example.

This is a very large problem which is not only making games less fun and competitive, but is creating a vicious cycle of getting caught in lower brackets for some. It should be a top priority to correct.
There's no surprise here. We all knew stuff like this would happen in a system implemented at bioware.
Basically if you see in 2 or 3 games in a row just go play something else.
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