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I don't initiate vote kicks unless I am certain it will be successful. I am quite sure this one wouldn't have been successful because no group wants a drama before engaging the final boss and no one spoke up. I won't stay in a group with someone who insults me or someone else for no good reason.
Since shrugging off the idiot wasn't a choice for you, you could have stated that it was either him or you in the group for the vote kick, at least that way you could have given the chance the healer and the other dps to continue the flashpoint by forcing them to choose a side.
My point is, quickly dropping from group like that seems harsh, not only on the dps and healer who didn't offend you, but on you too, since you have to start over the flashpoint. The idiot who insulted you, managed to make you lose a lot of time. You gave him too much credit imo