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Aaaaw maaan... and here I was thinking that the dewback, sensuous dress, ulic qel-droma outfit, formal tuxedo, Stylish dress, rendili shadow and the ikas mounds were really cool looking...
Thanx for setting me straight on that.

Phew, that could have been embarrasing... could you imagine if I used them? I mean you just told us that everyone thought those were putrid shi... cra... stuff... I would have been the laughing stock of SW:TOR!

But at least you set things straight... you are lucky that you can decide what everyone else thinks is cool. Not many have that ability...
For me, all I'm interested in was the sensuous outfit and the dewback. I don't much care for the other things, and seeing as most of the other armour sets are selling for low prices on my server, I can pretty much say, that the common things are trash, they're everywhere, and you can't give them away. I did manage to get a varactyl that I hope to sell for just over 1m on my server, which I'll put to my savings to get the dewback, then I'll be done, because there is nothing in the pack I want tbh. Not very tempting as packs go really.

I did actually get a phallic helmet for about 5K, dyed it purple and put it on one of my bounty hunters, and he looks pretty awful (considering I dyed the rest of his armour purple to match his hair too) lol....