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Hey Skippy, thank you for your reply.

I based my declarative statement on the fact that I purchased a 24-pack of the Opportunist pack because I wanted to finish off my rep for these packs to get the "Armed & Dangerous" title.

I had absolutely ZERO interest in any item I received, so I just planned on selling them all. From the 24 packs I purchased, I received the Irratdiated Varactyl and the Camping regen toy. I also got 3 Gold level pets. On my server (Ebon Hawk), the Varactyl is worth 1.8 million, the Camping regen toy about 400k, and the pets are selling for around 25k. I received only one armor piece that I can sell for above 100k (Senuous Lower Body Armor, goes for around 225k). All other armor set pieces are hovering around 45k or less.

So YES, I do speak for everyone when I say that this most recent CM pack is complete and utter trash.
And on my server:
Irraditated varactyl is well above 2.5 million.
Camping toy: around 1 million.
sensuous lower body armour: 400k
and I'm not going to generalize the rest but it is mostly higher than what you are quoting.

I think what the problem on YOUR server is, is that MORE people bought the pack so MORE people are trying to sell the items, thus driving down the prices...
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