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11.20.2013 , 08:02 PM | #102
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Since the last gambling pack contained nothing but putrid shi ... cra .... stuff. How about you start adding stuff that people want?
Ok, if you speak for everyone and the last pack contained nothing that people want, are you saying that NO packs have been bought? Because the info on what was in the packs was clearly advertised. So if no one wanted it, then no one would have bought it, right?

But wait, how is that I see so many people with gear from the new packs? How is there loads of stuff on the GTN? Why did I buy a couple of hypercrates? Why have I already sold my doubles for considerable cash?

It's almost as if people DO like the stuff from the new packs. It's as if you DON'T speak for everyone.

It's totally fine if you want to express your opinion, but why do you have to act as if you speak for the rest of us? I don't recall electing you as my voice.

BW DID include stuff that people want - which is why so many people have bought items from the new pack from the CM or through GTN. You are demonstrably wrong.