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I don't want to defend the tanks behaviour but the DR part is nothing special, I have a higher DR from armor on my juggernaut even in DPS equip than I have on my my Assa tank
Only 2% higher DR than an Operative? That IS quite special. He was probably almost naked or something.

Anyway, the other day we had an Athiss story mode run and the "healer" - for lack of a better term and also because the group finder designated him so - was a little on the odd side. Well, okay, I'm trying to be diplomatic here but the truth is he was ******* crazy.

Occasionally he cast a few static barriers and I saw him use Dark Infusion on a few occasions but with the full 2.5 sec channel. You would think that he was actually a DPS-specced Sorcerer, right? Well, his behaviour made it look like he was actually a Juggernaut tank. A horrible, naked, clueless Juggernaut tank.

Case in point: we get to the beast of Vodal Kressh, the actual tank (level 21 Assassin, everyone else was level 25 or 26) tells us to attack the adds first... and before he finishes, our Sorcerer rushes in and starts whacking at the beast with his lightsaber. Oh yes. To this day I have no idea how we actually finished the fight because he didn't heal the tank. At all. He did a knockback when adds came, cast Static Barrier occasionally and then went back to wailing on the boss with his ever so fearsome lightsaber.

We got to the final boss and it's the same thing: those who got Affliction twice in a row, like myself, had to wave goodbye to this miserable world because our healer was busy playing Jedi Academy on the Prophet. After we failed I was going to kick him but he just left. Thank God. I got out Quinn and he healed us through the fight with no problem....