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Dear Docmal

On behalf on my guild and raidgroup I want to take the opportunity to thank you for this awesome program. It is a great asset to our raiding and in my oppinion it is the greatest parser in the game.

We use it in the both raid groups I'm active in, so basicly I use it on 5 days a week and no matter in which role I'm playing, Parsec has allways some interesting and/or vital data for me.

I would have one request for a feature:
It is about customizing the pop outs, specificly the threat board. Both as a DPS and Tank I use it to time the taunt or the aggro reduce to optimize my playstyle but in intense fights it is pretty hard to actually look on the threat board and determine the actual situation in a split second.
So I would suggest to add a feature to colour both Name and total threat number in the pop out in comparison to the other raid members.
In the "tank mode" it would be perfekt to have everyone as labeled green who has less then 90% of my own threat, yellow would be from 90-115% and red above 115%. maybe with an option of a fixed member (offtank) who is allways ... lets say in blue.
In the "dps mode" it would be basicly the other way round. Green is greater than 125% (or 115%) of my threat, yellow 90%-125% (115%) and Red is everyone below 90%.

That way both tanks and dps classes can identify any upcoming threat issues within the reaction time of the program and can optimize the usage of taunts and aggro reduce abilitys.

Again thank you for this awesome feature!

Regards, a fan from austria, Luke
I like this too. When I read this I had already been doing some color coding on the stat overview pop out for the next release but I will look into some conditional formatting. I think it might be simpler to give the highest threat a color then anyone within a certain tolerance another color and maybe give your character bolded text.

The only problem is that the log can be up to 7 seconds behind your in game action. This is because it can take 2 seconds for the game to write it to the log and during peak raid usage parsec updates the screen every 5 seconds. It wont be 7 seconds all the time but that is the worst case. Regardless I will work on some conditional formatting.
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