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11.17.2013 , 12:09 PM | #158
Hi, and thanks for making this tool!

My guild tried Parsec out for the first time last night on SnV. It worked well for us, except for two major problems. (Well, the same problem twice really):

- When I died and got rezzed, Parsec thinks it is a new fight. I have nine fights listed for Dread Master Styrak, even though we took him down on attempt number 6. The other 'fights' listed are often less than 30 seconds long.

- When someone else died and got rezzed, their info seems to recount from zero on my parser. Our main tank often had the lowest threat listed, even though he held aggro for nearly the entire fight, because he was brought down and rezzed.

Anyone else have these problems or know of a way to fix them?

EDIT - there may be something else at work here, because it also lists 3 fights for Olok the Shadow, and I don't believe anyone went down there. Does it think that it's a new fight just because we went down in the elevator? Still don't know where the third one would come from...