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One of the best things I see with this is the minimum skill... I can see people being really bad at PvP (and I do, a lot) but space combat just feels more natural, so I don't see the low skill of others be half as much of a problem here as it is in Warzones. True there'll probably the occasional idiot running into a wall, which occasionally will probably be me, but the point is that space combat games (or minigames as the case may be) are a lot easier for players to learn and adapt to than the current ground-based type of combat. Looking forward to that.
As with anything, there is a certain learning curve. Getting the muscle memory for what your ship does and can do takes a little time, as does auto-recognizing the various reticles on your screen (I kept following one that I THOUGHT was "Your enemy is in THIS direction" but was instead "You will FLY in this direction"

It's not X-wing but wasn't meant to be. Still could use a few tweaks (the boost is nice, but last time I played, the W for extra speed had to be MAINTAINED (ditto the S to slow) instead of just ramping up and holding max or min speed. With one hand on keyboard and other on the mouse, holding the W to go just that little bit faster proved taxing on the fingers and concentration. Hope that one gets (or has been) taken care of.