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Not sure if troll or serious... Let's pretend serious.


a) Do Oricon story line (awards 5 pieces of 69 gear)
b) Do dailies. Use the money you get from dailies to have a 72 barrel / hilt crafted, have Underworld SA relic crafted, and spend the basic comms on another relic (arcanian), OR do some pvp and buy a PVP relic (slightly better than arcanian relics).
c) Do your weekly flashpoint quest (3 random HM flashpoints). Easy elite commendations.
OPTIONAL: Spam random flashpoints for elite comms (max 400) to get you 3 or 4 pieces of 72 gear per week.

Assuming you have a 72 mainhand, two arcanian+ grade relics and at least 66 gear you are now ready for the "real" stuff !

a) Do 16 man story mode TFB 32 ultimate comms (20 ultimate comms from bosses + 12 weekly quest)
b) Do 16 man story mode SaV 40 ultimate comms (28 ultimate comms from bosses + 12 weekly)
Note: If you can't do 16 man do 8 man and use the group finder 22 ultimate coms each instance (10 for group finder + 12 weekly)
c) Do Toborro's 6 ultimate comms (weekly)
d) Do Classic operations 12 ultimate comms (weekly)
Note: Assuming you do 16 man TFB / SaV you now have 90 ultimate comms / week.

e) Do 8 / 16 man DF / DP story mode (16 ultimate coms weekly quest for either of those operations) + 4 ultimate comms / boss for 16 man difficulty.

If you did 16 man you are now CAPPED on ultimate commendations! That was rather easy wasn't it.

Spend your ultimate commendations on offhand (most important), then implants / earpiece, then whichever piece of gear you chose.