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Our DPS composition is:

Sentinel (focus)
Gunslinger (hybrid)
Gunslinger (hybrid)
Commando (assault)

Specs vary by fight, but that's what they all run on the dread masters. The commando kites Raptus, but he doesn't kite as aggressively as most groups seem to, so he is actually able to sustain most of his DPS during the first and third phases.

Incidentally, one of our slingers is the second highest on the world leaderboard, but the commando still out parses him on bosses. I don't think mercs are any less viable DPS than snipers, they just have to be played well. Mercs have to deal with some things that snipers don't, most notably pushback, but they gain heavy armor, better CDs and off heals/rez. If your candidate merc is a better player, then I say you should go for the swap.
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