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Corruptor melee mode - This mode is much easier to deal with then the ranged variant. Here corruptor will be melee and his adds ranged. The tank needs to position Corruptor very close to the ranged adds, so melee can DPS their targets and not be too far away when the mine goes out.
This is probably a matter of preference but we try to leave Corruptor stationary at all times. We've noticed that while he or a player with concussion mines is on the move, it tends not to cleanse (or take longer to cleanse) than if both stand still. It also makes the edges and position of his anti-gravity field more predictable

Our melee will typically run and saber throw on their way to the adds and save a leap in case they get a mine. Otherwise, I can pull them back in on my sorc healer. Obviously depends on your comp.
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