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11.13.2013 , 04:39 PM | #14
Denova is a great example of how operations should be. Mechanics requiring coordination and some level of competence to clear it. Everyone basically has to do their job and do it well. It was even more challenging than it is today due to DPS / healing checks which you can simply out gear In a few days time.

I'm not sorry PUG groups can't do it. They lack the coordination and teamwork necessary to get through it. Also, your average idiot who can't follow instructions is hopeless in the operation. While those who are guildless potentially miss out on it, nerfing it into being brute forced through gear as you say would change it in a negative way and it wouldn't be the awesome operation that it is.

I do agree that the loot tables need to be updated to make it relevant again. At this point the only reasons to do it is for leveling characters between 50 and 55 or for the mounts it drops. It also is needed to get your Aratech Nightscythe. Once you have the mounts and hit the level cap it loses it's appeal.

But one could easily argue that having it and running it for the above purposes is enough and that BioWare should concentrate on entirely new operations.