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11.13.2013 , 03:51 PM | #13
Personally, I'd like it if Denova was scaled up to lvl 55 to make it a more commonly run operation.

Regarding the false dichotomy of old content vs. new content: both are required to make a solid game that will last and keep holding the attention of the player base. My raid team of lvl 55's has enjoyed running Denova Nightmare Mode in the past just because the tight mechanics are a nice challenge. It's fun to see how well we can work together as a team when we're up against something that cannot simply be outgeared.

But then recently when we got to the final boss and found it to be badly bugged (3 Trandoshan waves spawning within 10 seconds of eachother) no one was in the mood to try it again since the gear drops were pointless for our level. There just wasn't enough reward for all our time spent when ultimately our efforts were pointless due to a bug.

My point here is that I would appreciate it if the Developers didn't let the older operations rot and fall into obscurity. Scaling Denova up to 55 so it was actually worth running would fix that problem.