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You will probably never see that kind of action in games. The fight sequences for the trailers are all choreographed fights. They are designed so one end of one stunt flows into the next, however the order is set. In a videogame the player is going to do whatever they want, you can't have choreographed fight moves. Like back flipped over Malgus's head. That can't be a game ability because what if the player is fighting someone next to a wall or under a bridge?

Money isn't the issue time is. Lets say you want a shot of a laser blowing out the center of a tree. For standard on location filming its easy, just take a tree bore a hole in it, put in some explosive, record shot of explosion, draw laser over the footage.
In CGI they have to first create the entire tree, then they have to create each little splinter create a algorithm for the explosion itself. Then they have to figure out how to make all those shards explode out in a realistic manner. Oh and the leaves on the you realize how much of a nightmare stuff blowing in the wind is for CGI?
It takes to much time over conventional means. SWTOR's art team probably spent as much time doing the cinematics has a it takes to film a standard TV episode, and swtor's cinematics are only 5 mins long...
The videos were outsourced, see above. Also with a sufficiently well designed physics simulation, something like a tree explosion is pretty easy. Take a look at some of the new Unreal Engine demos, or other tech demos that feature level/object destruction.

Also, take a look at this video from LucasArts. It shows how creating good CGI is becoming easier and easier. Something like the trailers however would still take a good deal of work, and I'm not sure it would be easy enough yet to put out that quality quick enough to sustain a TV show.