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and i feel the same about force unleashed. or am i the only one that feels that?

Look at the fight scenes and some of the scenery.. that Alderaan invasion.. both before invasion and after looked more amazing than anything I'd seen on star wars, although Coruscant was pretty amazing on Star Wars.

you never see coruscant in ep 4-6 right? Oh Bioware..what happened? This game was on the brink of epic greatness.. maybe you should go into a TV series based in the old republic.. that sort of artwork was so impressive.
Totally agree. The cinematics were all amazing.
I really hope they make more, it really gets people into the game (Though I accept they cost alotta $$$).

When you say the game was on the brink of epic greatness I think people sometimes get lost in to MMO side, gearing, WZ's Ops etc, and forget about the levelling experience through the planets and watch the class stories unfold.

Best game I've ever played.
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