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This fight drops 72 gear. It is easier than every HM fight in S&V and TFB hard modes. This fight is ridiculously easy and is a gift of underworld gear. If you are struggling in lower than 69s, then you are under geared and need to gear up. This should not be nerfed.

The mechanics are easy. You just need experience.
I personally disagree that SM Dread Masters is easier than every HM fight in SnV. Titan 6, Thrasher, Ops Chief, Oolok, and Warlords are all arguably no more difficult than the Dread Masters. That's most of the op. In TFB, Writhing Horror, Dread Guards and Kephess the Undying are all arguably less difficult than Dread Masters.
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.