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The only issue I have with it is there is no warning for when Bestia is gonna throw me off the edge (vanguard tank), so I can't activate Hold the Line and avoid the knockback.

Now if, say in SM, the knockback had a 1 second cast or some kind of audio queue to warn when it is about to happen, I'd say it would be perfect.

And before you say "Position yourself so you get pushed onto a platform/into a wall!"
Tyrans likes to pull you around sometimes. Which means if you get pushed afterwards, its off the edge.
And sometimes, you can't get her in a position to stop the knockback from sending you off the edge.
We cleared the fights since the week it came out and have never had this issue, make sure to place yourself with your back against the thingys close to the thrones at the sides of the platform and IF you get pulled by Tyrans, pop Hold the Line. If you have your back against the wall, there is no reason to pop Hold the Line meaning you can save it for that oh-my-god-this-is-bad situation.
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