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Personally, I found the 50 HMs experience has been getting worse lately. Problem being some way way way overgeared DPSs who think they can get away with anything. Pull ahead of the tank, aoe everything, run around pulling optional adds while the healer is resting, interrupt nothing, blissfully disregard any boss mechanics. And if both the healer and the tank aren't actively trying to make them pay, they'll get away with it too, but it just makes the whole thing feel like a bad joke.
Its not just FPs. I'm starting to see the same mentality of players in Ops. Especially the weekly comms runs for TFB and SnV. Had a guy, a Guardian, who was dpsing and yet kept pulling trash mobs before rest of group was ready. Finally had to let him die after he did a pull, yet it sadly didn't improve his behavior. Its what we get from a single-player game which adds MMO elements.