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11.11.2013 , 02:58 PM | #4
While I'd agree a change of some kind would be nice to draw folks into this operation again, as I LOVE this operation and the boss fights but have a hard time finding a group. I even have a hard time finding guildmates willing to go do because even decked out in mostly 72 gear the mechanics require you to be spot on.

This is a good thing, keeps people from being lazy in operations (which I've noticed is happening A LOT lately), but at the same time it also deters people from playing as it requires more time and effort than a majority of players have available to them. I'm starting to see the same sort of thing happen with DF and DP, just on SM. The fights are mechanic heavy and require you practice the fights a few times to really get to know them. AND, you have to have a group of players who are willing to do the same or have done it already enough to know it well. Its causing the same amount disinterest in doing them.