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11.11.2013 , 01:46 PM | #16
I'm in partial agreement with the OP about both these OPs, not just this boss fight. The real issue I've seen with both OPS has been trying to PUG the runs. If you are in a regular group who are used to each other and know how to work well together, these are cake. You also are more likely in a group or guild who is doing Progression raiding too, so these are facerolls for such groups.

These OPs definitely do prepare a group for the HM version, however, they are not really PUG friendly when you have so many people tackling TFB and SnV just for the weeklies then go and expect the DF and DP weeklies to be similiar.

I've got several guildmates who see the DF and DP that way, as they should be easy like TFB and SnV so they can get their weekly comms and be done. That's the way they like to play and they are not interested in HM OPs or Progression Raiding. The issue then becomes, these same kind of people are joining PUGs and there are problems. When they can't get past a boss, people whine, moan, complain and then stop trying to do it. I think this is what the OP is having a problem with, which he is suggesting the boss fight mechanic be adjusted.

This is good and bad. You can see it as Good because that is fewer people not geared or not capable of finishing the OP joining a PUG (which could make it easier if you have people geared and capable of doing it, so its easier for all in the PUG) and Bad because the fewer the people able to PUG these the harder it becomes to find groups. Especially when 16M is easier than 8M on SM. That's just bad game design, or a poor choice by developers thinking there will be more 16M groups because there are so many 16M TFB and SnV groups for weeklies.

TDLR: In PUGs, these fights require everyone know the fight mechanics well, know what their roll is and what they must do and when. Sadly, too many out there are used to not having to know them perfectly and still getting past fights. It's the player's responsibility to be prepared and able to do these OPs before doing them.