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The op is made for 69+ gear, you are undergeared and obviously not ready gearwise or skillwise for the op and complain about how it is only easy if you're a "pro and overgeared". 66/69s are what it is for and there are 5 other ops you can run to prepare you for these 2. There is NO reason it should be made easier because people like to skip half the content and expect to faceroll everything in 50 gear. If you are having trouble, it is YOUR FAULT.
Oh and by the way, they are aren't tuned for people who revolve their life around this game, they are tuned for people who have the ability to use their brain, I know I know, why tune it for such a low population? But.. too bad.
Given that SM drops Arkanian, it is not beyond the realm of sanity to think that people can and should be able to do this in full purple 66s, You essentially get a full set of purple 66s (and basic coms for the rest) while doing the Oricon story line. People who steam roll the two ops in full 72s+ really shouldn't make assumptions like that.

Also, there are realistically only two other ops from which you can get Arkanian+ gear, and in the kind of free for all loot rules that pervade in pugs, it's not at all guaranteed that even doing both of them before would net you even a single piece of gear. The loot gods are not always kind.

So yes actually, a group in a mix of 66s/69s should absolutely be able to do it. If they can't then it isn't tuned properly. We saw this in the opening weeks when 8 man SM Draxus had the guardians of the fortress putting out their DoT which was doing the same damage as the same thing in 16 man HM. Good guilds who had Hard Mode or Nightmare SnV/TFB on farm with the gear that comes with that didn't have a problem. Groups that tried to do it in appropriate level gear found a real problem. That was a bug, so I'm a tad guilty of my own apples to oranges comparison, but the primary point is that you shouldn't underestimate that the gear and experience from running regularly with a guild raid group leaves you lacking a huge amount of perspective when it comes to the concerns of players who don't have those advantages.
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