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Normally, he puts his grenade out right after Air Strike. At least, that is when the scripting is intended to converge. However, Air Strike, Lots of Missiles and Launch are all based on timers. Huge Grenade is based solely on ability sequences. Thus, if you can disrupt the sequence of abilities, you can move Huge Grenade around relative to the big milestone abilities.

The only way I know of that this happens is when Kick is delayed. Thus, if the tank with agro is out of melee range for a protracted period of time after Launch, then Kick is delayed (sometimes even until right before Air Strike), which in turn delays Huge Grenade.

In general, this is very bad. Don't do it. :-)

Grats on the kill though. The old NiM bosses aren't exactly pushovers, even with the extra gear.
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