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What the title says.

The intention of Story Mode is to teach players the mechanics in a fight that, as long as players were competent, could complete without the need of voice communication. Or so I thought.

That was until I saw this catastrophe of a "story mode" boss fight. While I do enjoy a good challenge, I believe that this, for story mode, is overtuned. Hard Mode Golden Fury (Toborro's Courtyard) looks like a cake walk in comparison to this. This "story mode" boss fight is loaded with hard mode and nightmare mode mechanics that have no place in a story mode op.

This fight needs a nerf, I'd say AT LEAST a 25% - 30% nerf, maybe as much as a 40%. As it is, very few groups are even willing to attempt it, and those that do often throw in the towel. I've always been the last (or one of the last) to quit because I'd like to complete it, hell, I have millions of credits to blow in repairs if need be. The rest of the op is awesome, don't change it. Bestia and Calphayus are pretty much perfect difficulty. Raptus and Tyrans may be slightly too easy considering Bestia is more difficult than they are. The only problem is Dread Council.

All other quests were do-able for casual players in 69 gear without voice communication. Terror from Beyond. Scum and Villainy. Dread Fortress. Why is this one so over the top?

Please solicit ideas from the community to make Dread Council a bit more appropriate for story mode.


The comparison to HM TC is very much apples to oranges. From a mechanics standpoint, about the only thing simpler than HM TC is SM TC, though I suppose an argument could be made that Nefra is simpler mechanics wise. All the difficulty in HM TC is the fact that it's a non-trivial DPS check when appropriately geared. These kind of fights are usually incredibly easy on story mode. The difficulty from Dread Masters is all in the mechanics, and while it definitely doesn't require voice communication it does require more personal responsibility than your average PUG, especially these days when PUGs regularly knock down 16 man SM TFB and SnV almost completely ignoring mechanics, which is why comparing DF/DP SM to TFB/SNV SM is also comparing apples to oranges since there are a lot of top raiders looking to knock out weeklies that make the older story modes more or less trivial.

On the one hand I see your point. SM is SM, and the possibility for a tank to get yanked by Tyrans right before getting knocked off by Bestia and killed is something that I can see being a very real problem for a PUG, and that's not the only thing. Personal responsibility is even more important when you don't have voice communication, and in a fight where you already need a good chunk of that compared to other SM content, it can be rough.

On the other hand, if you're doing SM first, I like this fight quite a lot because it's a fight where you can actually get a good chance to practice HM mechanics in a lower setting, which often doesn't happen in SMs. Moreover, I'm not exactly sure what you'd like removed. The mechanics ARE the fight. That's the thing about fights which are primarily mechanics checks over DPS checks. DPS checks you can sort of trivialize by adjusting health levels. They've already ensured that you don't have to knock them to 50% at the same rate by giving you so very long of a window between the first master getting to 50% before the last one needs to be at 50%. That right there is a huge coordination check that's gone in SM. You can then focus on getting the most dangerous masters down first. I mean really what exactly do you want?

Honestly, I'd like them to keep it as is in the distant hope that we might get a better quality of PUG which will just make the game better for everyone.
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