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SM is already really easy.

If you're having trouble it's not the fight's fault.

Quote: Originally Posted by Aiobhill View Post
This may come as a considerable shock to you, Bro-dude, but the lowest available difficulty in a video game should be tuned for people not trying to make their living solicticing their "video stream", but those making their living outside the wonderful world of slaying pixel dragons.
Maybe SM Czerka is more your speed. Just because YOU can't kill it means it's overtuned. The world doesn't revolve around you.

If you know the mechanics and can execute them, SM is easy. Remember, it drops ARKANIAN and a few pieces of Underworld, it's not tuned for people in Underworld or higher!
After doing it on HM and later on SM, I was, quite frankly, amused as to how easy it is in comparison. You think SM requires coordination? Oh boy. Just be glad you don't have to do HM.
If you're full arkanian/part UW and still having trouble then run SM TFB/S&V, or HM FPs and buy 72 offpieces with elite comms.
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