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11.10.2013 , 11:47 PM | #1
What the title says.

The intention of Story Mode is to teach players the mechanics in a fight that, as long as players were competent, could complete without the need of voice communication. Or so I thought.

That was until I saw this catastrophe of a "story mode" boss fight. While I do enjoy a good challenge, I believe that this, for story mode, is overtuned. Hard Mode Golden Fury (Toborro's Courtyard) looks like a cake walk in comparison to this. This "story mode" boss fight is loaded with hard mode and nightmare mode mechanics that have no place in a story mode op.

This fight needs a nerf, I'd say AT LEAST a 25% - 30% nerf, maybe as much as a 40%. As it is, very few groups are even willing to attempt it, and those that do often throw in the towel. I've always been the last (or one of the last) to quit because I'd like to complete it, hell, I have millions of credits to blow in repairs if need be. The rest of the op is awesome, don't change it. Bestia and Calphayus are pretty much perfect difficulty. Raptus and Tyrans may be slightly too easy considering Bestia is more difficult than they are. The only problem is Dread Council.

All other quests were do-able for casual players in 69 gear without voice communication. Terror from Beyond. Scum and Villainy. Dread Fortress. Why is this one so over the top?

Please solicit ideas from the community to make Dread Council a bit more appropriate for story mode.