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Guardian openers are the way they are in order to sync ability use to their 12 second cycle, (long term efficiency in mind), but the focus loss from skipping saber throw is something you would easily recover from.

One suggestion I have is moving blade storm to after master strike. That would give you an extra riposte on the tail end of the sweep gcd just before Master Strike assuming there is focus left:

1. Combat Focus
2. Leap + Reflect
3. Guardian Strike + Riposte
4. Hilt Strike
5. Sweep
6. Riposte + Master Strike
7. Blade Storm
Thanks for that Strudel forgot about the fact that riposte will be up again within the opener, I only put blade storm before master strike because of the absorb shield and the fact that it is more front loaded damage than master strike.

The reason why I like this opener is because it has a higher snap threat, and with regards to long term efficiency, the first priority is establishing a threat pool by which it can never be topped by a dps outside of mechanics, and then creating a sustainable rotation outside of that. Taking 6-9 seconds of just striking and slashing after 30 seconds into a boss fight in order to get your 12 second synchronisation back seems fairly doable and shouldn't affect your mitigation too much. Another thing to point out is that as soon as you have downtime on a target with nothing to hit, you get a brief reprieve to sort out your ability usage and get back to that optimal routine .

Just my thoughts anyway :3
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