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And to add to the confusion, don't forget that Amazon will have a new pet on Tuesday, November 12. No idea what pet that will be, since there is no other pet in the collections yet.
Well, also interesting is that Amazon said the new pet would be on November 5th, then they changed the date on like Nov 4th. Maybe you're right and someone screwed up. Maybe Amazon were supposed to have the Crested Orokeet and Best Buy were supposed to have Model Flashfire and the codes got switched around. Hence Amazon delayed their pet and Best Buy tried to recall all their cards until they could sort it out.

It does look as if this has turned into a huge mess and an update on what the hell is going on would be awesome. I mean, they do want us to buy these things, right? Right now, I'd suggest no one buys either of them until we work out which pet is where!

Of course the two could be unrelated - maybe Best Buy was always supposed to have Model Flashfire, got some Target codes by mistake, and then Amazon had to delay because they hadn't put their new pet in Collections yet, which might be added in the next patch (which would, perhaps not coincidentally, be out on Nov 12th).

Whatever is going on, it's really frustrating. Now some people have the Crested Orokeet while other people haven't had that chance. I'm already having to fight pretty hard to get hold of these things because I'm outside the US - this is not helping!!