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11.09.2013 , 07:58 PM | #1
Yesterday someone on fleet was linking the Crested Orokeet in fleet. I asked them if they actually had it or if they were linking it from collections and they said they actually had it. I asked them where they got it and they said they got it from a physical Cartel Coin card from Best Buy.

I just got back from my local Best Buy and they did have physical Cartel Coin cards. They're the same 2,400 coin cards and they say they come with an exclusive pet but they don't say which one. I got home, entered the code, and logged in expecting to see the Crested Orokeet in my mail. However, to my surprise I got the Model Flashfire. So the question remains, where is the Crested Orokeet going to come from? I know Amazon is changing their pet on the 12th of this month, maybe there (but why did someone supposedly already get it from Best Buy)?

Also, before you go running off to Best Buy. All the cards at my local store were "recalled" and, technically, they were not supposed to sell them (a big red alert came up on the register when they rang them up). I convinced them to sell me one anyway since it was my $20 that would have been wasted if it didn't work. So, don't be surprised if your store refuses to sell them.