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12.23.2011 , 04:33 PM | #7
Can you fix the black screen problem that happens when you launch the game , that doesn't allow people to play the game , but allows them to here the sounds, and the noise it makes when you scroll over something. It's not my drivers because they're all up to date, and I've seen in another forum that 2 computers with the same specs in the same household try and play Swtor and only one computer would work and the other went to the black screen. And i don't believe it's my monitor because I play World of Warcraft also and I've played the beta for star wars. This is really becoming a nuisance trying to play something that i really want to play and can't. My subscription is running out. And I bought the collector's Edition as well. I just want to play the game , but are you people paying any mind to it? or working on it? I see that your working on the que's and lag , but what about the people who can't even get into the game on their own computer?