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Troopers can tank, dps, or heal depending on which advanced class you pick at level 10. The Vanguard advanced class can tank, whereas the Commando can heal. Both can DPS. They're arguably good at all of their roles, depending on how you spec and how you play. Healing and damage are self-explanatory, but tanking here basically means that you minimize damage that others on your team get by taunting players and using your guard ability on someone near you. Taunting enemy players reduces their damage by a significant amount if they're attacking any target other than you, and your guard ability reduces incoming damage on one player as long as they're close to you.

Many people consider Operatives/Scoundrels (Agent and Smuggler advanced classes) to be the best healers for PvP at the moment, but I play a mercenary healer (the Empire equivalent of a Commando healer) in PvP and I do just fine if I play well. Healing in PvP is really dependent on your team, and if you get matched with players who aren't focused it can be unbelievably frustrating. But overall healers are always needed and it's a fun role to play when you get a handle on it.

Honestly, if you aren't familiar with the classes I'd recommend taking some time to play a few of them to get used to them and their capabilities. Not only will this help you find one you like, but it will also make you a better player as you learn each class and start learning how they play so you can anticipate what your opponents will do.