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The short answer is: this game is not tailored for PvP. Yes it exists, but the more hardcore you are about it, the more likely you are to dislike it (at least that is impression I get reading the PvP forum on this site).

Long answer:

1) It's a mixed bag. Go to the PvP forums and you will see all manner of complaints: pre-mades destroying PuGs, teams that belong in ranked doing unranked, matchmaking problems...the list goes on and on and on. That being said, I am a casual PvPer and I usually enjoy the experience. I usually queue solo (occasionally I buddy up with a guild mate or two). I've been in my fair share of my team getting our collective asses kicked, but I've been in an equal number of Warzones where my team has kicked ***. Most of the time an individual warzone falls somewhere in between. My server (The Harbinger) is generally well balanced Imp vs Pub at peak times and overall it's close to 50/50 split. At off-peak times pub greatly outnumbers imp and so WZs end up as "battlefield exercises" (pub vs pub). But each server is different.

2) PvP and PvE gearing are completely separate; you do not need to run PvE endgame to get good gear for PvP. That being said, the better gear you have from PvE the more likely you are to succeed when you jump into PvP. There is a "bolster" system that sets a minimum PvP stat level, so if you enter PvP in 100% PvE gear you will not be completely outmatched, but the more PvP gear you have the better off you'll be.

All that being said, the next major patch has space combat PvP and PvP balance fixes. Many are eagerly anticipating the patch, but an equal number are underwhelmed.
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