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11.08.2013 , 08:14 PM | #1
Greetings SWTOR community!

I basically played around when the game was released, and due to certain circumstances I had to quit. Nevertheless, here I am, back, willing to give the game another go I have some questions which most players will regard as extremely basic - those, of course, who've been playing long enough to understand the game mechanics.

1) I'm no rush to level up like a madman. But I am, however, quite anxious to experience PvP at the maximum level. How would people describe the PvP experience here in SWTOR?

2) My main goal in playing this game will be to join the PvP battlegrounds and challenges at endgame. How am I to gear up to be able to be competitively speaking at a decent/good level? Is it required that I do some kind of endgame PvE to make this happen, or will I be able to pretty much jump straight into the battlegrounds?

Thank you very much for your patience, and I look forward to your replies!