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lol All that, and all I wanted to know was how Kotor was guilty of "lore-jacking". As this discussion is largely moot anyway, the anti-Revan people having beaten this topic over the head.

See, in LOTRO, I understood why people were so incredibly severe about "lore" it being based on a the works of a great writer at least (which Lucas is not and never would have been. IF there'd ever been a 3 Stooges game, would there be 3 Stooges lore). But I don't understand it in this game which is based first off a comic book series (do people really take those seriously), and then off 2 games LOOSELY based on that series, but all of it owned by the the same copyright holder and ostensibly blessed by The Lucas and now Disney. Isn't "lore" what they say it is? Honest questions here. I hope this doesn't constitute thread-jacking.
As I said, kid, KotOR's lore-hijacks do not pertain to this topic so directly, so I won't be posting them here. Actually, the fact people expected SWTOR to be all about Revan, or that Bioware should make Revan fans happy by giving them plenty of Revan content just to satisfy them simply shows that fans don't give two craps about lore-hijacks, so long as it is Revan or another of the frightening spawns of the KotOR series doing the hijacking. Gladly, Bioware feels otherwise, or so it seems, and they worked very hard to make this game not about Revan. Where quality and consistency is concerned, both of the portrayed Galaxy and the story, SWTOR >> kotor.

Just because the owners of the franchise say what's lore and what's not does not mean that: I. I have to like it. I don't like half the crap that the EU spawns, and neither should any cerebral creature do so if he has the brains in the right place. If I were the lore-boss, none of that would have passed. But I'm not, all that is lore, and all I can do is highlight how that sort of thing makes the Star Wars universe more stupid. II. That the "new lore" that came with this very profitable venture (such as a videogame is) does not contradict several sources of EU lore that predated it.

So yeah. What pays more becomes the lore, and unfortunately for the cerebral beings, KotOR paid more so now we must suffer through Revan time and again, even when Bioware showed they were well intent and willing to move beyond Revan as they should.

And how is Star Wars different to Lord of the Rings? Tolkien only made the (more correct) decision to not let other authors interfere with his work, and so the world of Arda has retained (at least until Tolkien's death) its purity and internal consistency. But Lucas chose to open his universe to anyone who wanted to write about it, then we get aberrations such as Boba Fett and Darth Sidious surviving/coming back to life, Sith Lords who can eat worlds and Revan. What was the end result of the openness of the EU? Much good stuff was created (like much of TOR when you take away the clichès and absurdities, including Vitiate), but all internal consistency of the universe was lost for it. So it can never truly compare to the universe of The Lord of the Rings in consistency, depth and quality. All that it will surpass LotR in is in having a longer story.

Just on a sidenote, SWTOR wasn't "based off some comic book series". The comics were released after the storyline of SWTOR was already written and decided upon, and just before the game itself was released.