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In PvP, Marauders (Rage and Carnage Spec), Snipers (Any Spec) Assasins (Tank or Deception Spec), Juggernauts ( Any Spec) and Sorcs (Madness and Lightning Specs) Are all viable choices. Marauders and Snipers can deal out some of the highest damage in the game, and have some party based buffs to boot! Sin's have Stealth, and REALLY good opening burst, though their burst after their opener is alot lower than other classes. Juggernauts sacrifice some DPS for more survivability, though i have seen some Juggs that can pull some sick numbers on Smash and Ravage. Sorcs are pretty good at DPS and when 2.5 hits will become big contenders if you play Madness, because their DoT's will become un-cleanseable.