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Have you read the whole statement? KotOR is filled with lore-hijackings, TOR is not. I will explain, in a very long post elsewhere, is it is unecessary to illustrate the point to contribute with the topic.
lol All that, and all I wanted to know was how Kotor was guilty of "lore-jacking". As this discussion is largely moot anyway, the anti-Revan people having beaten this topic over the head.

See, in LOTRO, I understood why people were so incredibly severe about "lore" it being based on a the works of a great writer at least (which Lucas is not and never would have been. IF there'd ever been a 3 Stooges game, would there be 3 Stooges lore). But I don't understand it in this game which is based first off a comic book series (do people really take those seriously), and then off 2 games LOOSELY based on that series, but all of it owned by the the same copyright holder and ostensibly blessed by The Lucas and now Disney. Isn't "lore" what they say it is? Honest questions here. I hope this doesn't constitute thread-jacking.