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thank you!!!! Finally someone that understands.
The developers almost certainly understand you. Understanding isn't the problem. Agreeing is the problem. I strongly suspect that they disagree on the importance of this bug.

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Developers please fix this.
Counter Argument: Developers please hold off on fixing this and focus on bugs that actually have game play impact.

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this glitch does affect gameplay. seeing my lightsaber turn random colors for 2 seconds every minute is annoying.
Yes, but its just annoying. Does it fail to have any effect? Does it fail to do the stated damage? Does it prevent you from using other abilities? Does it produce unintended side effects on your character or the target?

No? Then its not affecting gameplay. It's purely cosmetic. Loads of people are annoyed by clipping equipment or weird pistol sounds or the fact that the Blood Red Crystal shares very little in common with red blood. Being annoyed while playing the game doesn't mean that it affects gameplay. Please at least try to be reasonable here.

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and how would having 200 force allow a shadow/Assassin to use 7 to 10 consecutive shadow strikes/mauls? It cost 50 force each time. 50 x 4= 200. that's 4 times. not 7 to 10 times.

Okay. Deception Assassins (I'll skip mentioning the Shadow mirror) have 110 Force currently (thanks to +10 skill point). That gives them enough force to fire off two mauls without thinking. However, it takes 3 seconds to do that, and force regeneration will continue to build force between strikes at 12/sec thanks to the +50% regen rate from Dark Embrace. At just over three seconds, you can fire off the third Maul. At that point, it is very likely that you've triggered Duplicity, and the next Maul (or one of the previous ones) will cost just 12 Force... which you built up waiting for the GCD. That's a free Maul in there. That's four Mauls. There's a very good chance that at least one triggered Dark Charge, hitting for extra damage and restoring another 10 Force. At that point, we've fired four Mauls in six seconds and got two damage bonuses to boot. Mathematically, we'd have somewhere between 0 and 30 force. And that's starting with 110.

The only thing that gets worse with 210 is that Dark Embrace would have ended after the first four hits. So, we're forced to use Blackout, which puts us back at 12/second regeneration, plus 15 force immediately, putting us close to 150 force. Fire off three more Mauls, regenerate another 50 force, fire off the eight Maul. Somewhere in there, you trigger another Dark Charge giving you enough Force for yet another Maul after a fraction of a second.

Now, chaining those Mauls isn't the best strategy. It requires you to not have bad luck, and you can actually do more damage by varying things, but the point here was to show how silly of an idea this was. With 200 Force, an Assassin would be able to chain high damage, high-cost abilities almost constantly for 12 seconds without running out of Force. That is absolutely not the way you should play an Assassin. The thing that separates good players from bad ones is the ability to manage their resources. A good Assassin would have tossed Discharge or Shock into the mix, with a leg slash to force a Duplicity strike somewhere. All that is possible with just 110 Force. Doubling it would make it silly.