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Fine. Fine then. So let's hope the devs totally take this poll seriously.
It is oh so obvious that, in fact, NOT ENOUGH CLASS STORY led to the epic merge from 220 to 17 servers and F2P.
Yes, more class story. I suggest hereby BW takes another 3 years to create 8 x class stories, further 10 Gigs of voiceovers, worth 2 months of gameplay. Epic win. You convinced me.

The poll simply does not reflect the results of external polls on public MMO sites. Nothing to be disappointed about.
I think u want to misunderstand what ppl are trying to say to u. They are saying that your previous statement, about the unimportance of subs, makes no sense. Not that this poll should be BW law. And I agree, why do u think the majority of the playerbase quit 6-8 months into the game?

I think a poll like this actually can shed some light on things but not if u can choose half the options available as what u want in the game. Like someone else already said, many ppl would like new class story to be in top 5 but not many would like it as their nr:1.

Now what I want the most aint even on that poll. Not directly. An expansion where all the funds for the next expansion went into bugfixes, fixing already broken content and improving quality in general would be just epic. If that were to happen I wouldnt need any new content. I think many ppl that quit the game actually quit because of bad quality, not a lack of content alone. I was away from the game for 2 years and I just came back without knowing what had happened in the last 2 years. I love SW universe that much. What I found is that not very much really happened whiole I was away. Just more half done content. Just more of the same reason I left in the first place