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11.08.2013 , 01:40 PM | #524
The drama is always heavy when folks see information that does not match up to their desires.

This is not new information. Casual players have wanted appearance options, more adaptive gear designs, alternative single player gameplay elements, QoL changes, planets, more companions, housing, free flight space combat, minigames, combined comms and animal mounts for quite some time now. To pretend otherwise is baffling....anyone who has spent any time here and around the net knows this.

Sure, the traditional hardcore players that left the game when it finally came to it's senses and discarded the draconian shackles of the original design intent don't likely want any of these changes....and if the game is to survive and thrive those would be the LAST players this game would want to court again. They were a toxic influence that almost doomed this game to failure IMO.

We have some of the items casuals have wanted since beta....others are coming soon, others still are perhaps in the works, and some on the wall of crazy.

But considering the top of the combat, appearance, QoL have been or are being brought into the game, class story extensions would be the next in line. Along with added planets and minigames.

It's just next up on the list.