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Yup, totally a good idea to ignore what your current playerbase wants. Instead you should chase the people who left because they don't like your game. Change it to fit them, that makes sense.

You keep throwing this opinion around as though saying it enough times will cause it to suddenly make sense. It doesn't. It's more important, and easier, to keep your current customers than to chase down new/old ones. Don't SWG players always bemoan what SOE did to try and entice non-players to join? Something about NGE trying to attract a new market and alienating their current fans?
Fine. Fine then. So let's hope the devs totally take this poll seriously.
It is oh so obvious that, in fact, NOT ENOUGH CLASS STORY led to the epic merge from 220 to 17 servers and F2P.
Yes, more class story. I suggest hereby BW takes another 3 years to create 8 x class stories, further 10 Gigs of voiceovers, worth 2 months of gameplay. Epic win. You convinced me.

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You are just disappointed in the results of the poll. Had this polled added weight to your assertion that this game should be more like SWG you would find it very relevant.
The poll simply does not reflect the results of external polls on public MMO sites. Nothing to be disappointed about.