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For something is a minor annoyance as people say I cant play my jedi knight till its fixed I have reported this bug twice over the past 6 week and will not return to the game till it is fixed I have payed to play since launch out of my love for star wars and to give them the support they need to help give them cash for future content for everybody. I pay on 6 month subs but if this isn't fixed by my next sub date I will cancel and move on to another mmo eg eso if they can not support my bug fix reports and be egnored then they don't deserve my support also. I have played jedi knight since launch and do not role other classes so to see a bug like that ever time I use my saber throw abilitys over the course of 2 month is like nails on a chalk board...
thank you!!!! Finally someone that understands. He explained it even better than I did. This is exactly how I feel. I wish there were more people like him. Developers please fix this.