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I agree with you entirely! General Discussion and this forums can certainly be a great representation of the playerbase at large, and its opinions. I don't want you to get the idea that I was saying otherwise. My reasoning is specifically tied to polls. Again, not that polls are bad, just that in many cases players can misunderstand poll results as "undeniable proof" of a point. It is when you can put a tangible number behind an opinion that things get a bit tricky and that is where the "in a vacuum" comment comes in. (like the Warzone type example I made)

Mr. Musco,

Will we ever see a return to official polls, e.g. like the one on facebook? (Though I'd prefer a mandatory poll in the gamelauncher or even an ingame pop-up)?
That'll give you a better, higher throught-put answer from the active playing community, not just the forum dwellers.
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