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But more Revan content? Hell no. It is an unfortunate decision Bioware decided to provide that sort of fan service (though it is interesting for the single reason because it debunks the "gray Jedi Revan" theory quite efficiently), and the presence of Revan in TOR prompted Karpyshyn to write that novel (which killed the character to many people who actually liked the KotOR 2 depiction of Revan through Traya's words) in order to link KotOR 2 to TOR.

But before I saw any more Revan content, or even Revanite content... BW already left so many unexplored plot hooks that would play off into new and awesome, galaxy-shaking events. Take one of the statements made by Gnost-Dural during the timeline videos - where he theorises Vitiate's Empire is really at odds with ancient Sith spirits as Marka Ragnos (which could be taken as a truer, purer form of Sith tradition than Vitiate's own, which changed consistently to incorporate a cult to Vitiate's own personality above all else). Another plot line that was left too loose was Darth Nox's own cult - more quests in that regard (class-sidequests, why not?) would be a welcome addition. I only played the Sorceror through to the end, so I don't know about other classes, but I am sure there are some loose ends I would much rather see Bioware approach than just feeding the fanboys with more Revan-related content.

That's a sad statement. I leave the judgement as to whether it is true or not to others, but, Hell! Revan was their Revan, now he's a plot element, a bloody NPC. Their character, look at that, is their actual MMO toon. Do they not shape them as they like too? I know I do. But people hoped they could recreate and play as Revan again? Sad, just sad. Puerile.
I actually agree with a lot of this. First, I really liked Revan, when he was how we interpreted him, and how he was a "legend of his time". That said, I hate that he is in TOR. It really did kill Revan for me and a lot of others, spawning the Revan haters we have today. While I am glad we have a book explaining what happened to him after KotOR I'm not exactly in agreement with how he was portrayed. Personally, I think the book should have been about his fall, and somehow explain differently how he prevented the Emperor from attacking for 300 years.

As far as the Cults go, YES to more Darth Nox cult missions.

The thing about Vitiate and Marka Ragnos, I think it would be cool if instead of the Jedi killing Vitiate, the Sith did it themselves, either Darth Nox, Darth Marr, or even the spirit of Marka Ragnos or Tulak Hord would make for an interesting ending, going along with the lore that Sith destroy each other. Ironically, Nox is now more immortal than Vitiate, so how the hell does that work? And how does/will Nox ever die?
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