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11.08.2013 , 04:00 AM | #9
If you are a crafter you will get lots of augmentation kit parts when REing items, so why not craft the kits themselves. They give nice craft skillups. And if you have them, why not augment your gear. As mentioned, every little bit helps.

Also, if your crafting skill is one of the ones that can make augments (armormech, armstech or synthweaving), you can also craft low level augments. Schematics come from critical successes on slicing missions; you can find them on GTN, and low level schematics are usually pretty expensive. But you will get a nice return on that investment - blue low level augments are easy and cheap to make and sell for a ton.

For blue augments you need sliced tech parts that come from slicing. If you do not have a slicer character you can buy them on the GTN - usually for dirt cheap, since everyone runs slicing missions constantly in hopes of getting a crit.

Or, you can forget about all that and just sell the kit parts. They also sell pretty nicely.