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Short version: Augments are a type of item modification, used to increase your stats. However, unlike other modifiable gear, which has slots for all appropriate mods by default, you have to manually add an augment slot to your gear yourself, and it has to be done at an item Modification Station using an Augment Kit. Once the slot has been added, I believe that adding and removing Augments can be done in the field; you just need the station to add the slot itself.

Augments are desirable because they are anotber source of stat boosts, and the higher your stats, the more damage you can deal and take. However, adding an augment slot to an item is expensive. Either you have to blow 36k to put a MK-9 Augment Slot into a single piece of equipment, or you have to constantly upgrade your Augment slots as you level. Most people therefore ignore Augments until they hit the level cap, when they have the money to blow over 500k to add a Mk-9 Augment slot to all their gear. Combine that with the fact that there isn't much of a market for low-level Augments, and it's generally a better idea to wait until endgame to start Augmenting your gear.

Also worth noting: while normal item modification items can only be applied to armor and weapons/offhand items, Augment slots can be applied to anything. This means your Earpiece, Implants, and Relics can be Augmented, offering a further boost to your stats from items that normally can't be modded.